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    Our employees are the key to our success. Geo. Sheard Fabrics is a family-run business that treats all its employees as family. The company is committed to providing continued education and training to its personnel in order to foster an enriching environment for long-term career development with the potential for professional self-actualization. The average seniority of our workforce is 16 years with the company.

    We believe in leveraging the abilities of all our stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, contractors, and customers, through a cooperative approach that favors teamwork to maximize problem solving and project implementation capabilities.

    Our relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and our community are based on trust, honesty, and integrity. We believe that these are the fundamental building blocks of a successful business.

    Communications must be direct, open, honest, and timely. Through an effective communications strategy, employees are aware of where we are going, how we are doing, and how they fit in.

    The market is continuously evolving, and as such, so must our products. Our in-house design and development team is engaged in developing products that respond to leading-edge market trends. Furthermore, our company culture nurtures, encourages, and recognizes innovative ideas from our staff that lead to improved quality and productivity.

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